Burn365 Fitness Testimonials

Here’s what our clients had to say:

Written Testimonials:

“Liana is one of the best Pilates instructors I have had the pleasure to learn from. She brings so much energy, joy and vitality to every one of her classes, and her participants cannot help but be inspired to work their hardest!  She has a knack of helping and encouraging her students to give their best effort, and consequently, to see great results. Liana's warm and vibrant personality always shines through, and makes her classes fun as well as effective.

I would not hesitate to recommend Liana, and feel we are very fortunate to have her as an instructor.”

- Carlie H.

“I have been very privileged to enjoy Liana's classes over the past couple months. It had been years since I have worked out, but with my first class with Liana, she motivated me back into the groove. Liana's classes are challenging, upbeat, fun, and motivating as I have seen great results in a short period of time. Liana is full of energy and encouragement which keeps you moving throughout the entire class. Working out with her is a ton fun with her Brazilian personality and moves, you will be assured to have a great workout.”

- Lisa S.

"Pilates with Liana is the best decision I ever made! I met Liana two years ago I truly love coming to her Pilates classes. I would come 4-5 week. The sessions are always new and exciting,  the energy in her room is so contagious and I always looked  forward to a great workout. By incorporating Pilates into my weekly exercise routine, I am finally getting the results I’ve wanted! I feel more toned, flexible and my overall strength has improved. Liana energy is an AMAZING instructor, very motivating and extremely knowledgeable. I am so happy to have met Liana!  I am so excited when she opens her new studio.”

- Raji J., Registered Nurse

“Teachers tell us what they think by expressing themselves in their teaching styles. The engagement that occurs when Liana Goes teaches her classes with high energy and synchronized sequences by radiating beauty in her surroundings, she gets students like me following her to every studio that she teaches at. Liana propels positive energy, she keeps her classes alive and makes her students not only work hard but keeps them focused and entertained at the same time. Liana brings her heart and soul in every class. She connects with each and every student in a real special way. Definitely the best high energy Pilates and barre classes that I have taken and I am always hungry for more, Liana brings awesome energy all her classes highly motivating teacher with good vibes.”

- Sarah

“My name is Sue, and I have been suffering from knee arthritis, shoulder blade pain, sciatica and inner groin injuries. As a result, I’ve always been very selective with my fitness classes and I’m often intimated by trying out new workout regimes due to the uncertainty of the routines and the potentially harmful movements that may exacerbate my injuries.

This was the case until I met Liana, and I was invited to join one of her classes. My initial reaction was to simply not show up, however something drove me to give it a shot that day. Thankfully I made that fateful decision, as her classes have entirely changed my life and perspective on health and fitness.  In the past, I have been doing Barre classes and private reformer sessions for several years and had been accustomed to the routine and injury free movements. I never thought I would move away from my comfort zone. To my surprise, Liana’s classes brought a new freshness to my workout regime. They are tough yet enjoyable. She makes them extremely fun and entertaining and has way to motivate me and push myself beyond my limits. I am able to experience the intensity of a hard boot camp, without any high impact exercises. I must say this has led me to be addicted to the “exercise high” her classes gives me. Her classes has brought me so much joy and happiness and boost my confidence, knowing that I can achieve my personal fitness goals injury free. Thanks so much Liana!”

- Sue

“I am very happy to be Liana's student since early 2017. I have attended her Hot Pilates, barre, and lift classes - she teaches such a variety, so I know there is always something to help me achieve my fitness goals. Best part is her upbeat attitude, plus disco lights & music!”

- Sandra

“I am writing this testimony regarding Liana Goes. Liana is a energetic, positive, and encouraging fitness instructor.  I have been going to her classes at the Richmond Olympic Oval for about a year and have noticed a huge difference in my body and my strength. She takes the time to make every class a new challenge and experience. She strives to always teach every class with great passion and expertise with infectious enthusiasm!! 
I love her classes.”

- Leanne C.