The Burn365 Story

“To inspire the world with strength and passion, sparking the fire we all have within.”

It started with three dreamers who’s passion to live out a mission to help people and see the world outside our front-doors change, even if just a little bit. We are striving to do our part in changing our city by using fitness as a tool, motivating people to contribute to something that makes a difference and has a positive impact. Our hope is that our classes have a place in your daily adventures and favorite memories. We love what we do and Burn365 Fitness is our way of bringing you a piece of that. From us to you, take a class, work out, and get inspired!

Our Founding


In the summer of 2016, Liana took on the endeavour of training Mina who would become her first client with a disability. Diagnosed with a rare genetic eye condition, Mina started losing her sight in her late 20s and had now become  completely blind. It was an interesting dynamic as Liana had to explore new methods to teach someone who couldn't see what she was doing, and for Mina to capture Liana's words and turn them into physical movements.  With some trial and error, the two found a perfect flow. A friendship quickly blossomed as they both felt a unique connection from the beginning. Through the months, Mina noticed that Liana had a special energy and a natural ability to connect with people. Recognizing her potential for success, Mina often offered Liana entrepreneurial advice, sparking countless conversations about a possible partnership. With feelings of self doubt and a full plate, Mina repeatedly laughed off the notion as she felt unprepared for such an undertaking. 

Things took a turn when Mina's husband, Simon, persuaded her to reconsider the possibility of the partnership offering his full support. So began the journey of the 3 Musketeers, whose hope for bringing to life a vision of empowerment to people with disabilities, and those who struggle to overcome life’s adversities. Built on the belief that we all have the strength within, they hope to inspire individuals to discover their potential and create change. Incorporating Liana’s vast knowledge of fitness disciplines, and Simon and Mina’s business pedigrees they launched Burn365 Fitness Inc, a bikram yoga, pilates, and HIIT studio in the heart of Steveston Village, Richmond, BC.