Our Instructors


Liana Goes

Hot Pilates, Hot HIIT, Hot Booty Burn, Pilates & Release and Restore, Instructor

Liana is one of the founders and instructors of Burn365 Fitness. She was born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil, and moved to Vancouver in 2010.

For her classes, she brings the adrenaline to the room, helping her students connect deeply with the mind and soul. Influenced by Kundalini, Liana's classes are known to have a playful element as she encourages people to challenge themselves while having fun! Come and check out her Hot HIIT and Hot Pilates classes!

Isaac Gasagnwa_website.JPG

Isaac (Izo) Gasangwa

Afrobeats & Hip Hop Instructor

Born and raised in Rwanda, Africa, Isaac started dancing in his teens. In Africa, dance isn’t considered an art form, rather, a way of life. There, he successfully started his own non-profit Afro-Hip Hop dance studio and became the founder of the best dance crew called Jabbajunior in his hometown.

In 2014, he moved to Vancouver to further his dance studies, and continued his practice as a dancer and instructor. Shortly after, he founded Afrobeats Dance Vancouver which incorporates various African dance styles with western Hip Hop.

As an instructor, he uses his craft to entertain, inspire, and most importantly, to educate with storytelling.


Marisol Ruiz

Zumba, Strong by Zumba, Dance & Yoga Instructor

Born and raised in Mexico City, Marisol’s passion for dance and fitness has been a part of her life since she was born. In 2011, she moved to Vancouver to pursue her dream of helping others with their personal health and fitness goals.

She has over 10 years of experience teaching and performing, and some of her classes include Bellydance, Flamenco, Latin Dance, Jazz, Contemporary, Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Aerobics, and Bosu.

Her fitness classes combine high energy and always upbeat music with unique and easy routines for all levels. With Marisol, you will experience a fitness class like no other!


Porcher Ng

Hot Yoga and Yoga Instructor

Porcher took her first Bikram yoga class over 17 years ago and it has become a big part of her life since. Prior to that, her workouts consisted of weight training, cardio exercises, and swimming, but nothing compared to practicing yoga.

Over time, she came to value and appreciate Hot Yoga, and she decided to become a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor to pass on her knowledge. Porcher also expanded her training further by completing the Core 26 and Master Core 40 Ghosh Lineage series. As an instructor, her greatest reward is seeing the health and fitness of her students improve.

Darren Shane Profile Photo.jpg

Darren Shane

Hot Yoga, H.I.I.T., and Sculpt Instructor

Darren Shane is a yoga, H.I.I.T., and Sculpt instructor with nearly 20 years of experience working in both Canada and Japan. For him, fitness, yoga, and a commitment to healthy living have been a part of his lifestyle for many years as a way of bringing balance, flexibility, meditation and movement together.

In his work, he brings the same commitment. Darren's workouts include high-intensity cardio and strength training routines with many functional training tools like exercise bands, gliders, and suspension gym straps to name a few. Above all, Darren believes in having a positive attitude towards life, a commitment towards one’s well-being, and a healthy balance between work and leisure.


Mira Young

Hot Yoga and Power Yoga Instructor

With shoulder issues and carpal tunnel syndrome from both swimming and a desk job, a friend introduced Mira to Bikram hot yoga in 2006. She got quick results for both issues but also noticed drastic improvements to her sleep, digestion, and flexibility. It was the perfect antidote for the stressful office life in divorce and family law.

In 2012, she kicked it up a notch and signed up for Bikram Teacher Training, which she completed in 2013 with over 400 trainees and instructors around the world. And since then, she continues to teach a diverse range of yogis.


Victoria Goldner

Hot Yoga, Yoga, Hot Barre, Barre, Hot Pilates & Pilates Instructor

Movement was always a part of Victoria's life. She was a ballerina growing up, and she became a gymnast in high school. In college, she became a competitive springboard diver.

But now Victoria has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga, pilates, and group fitness classes; and does personal training. She teaches from the inside out, focusing on the foundational integrity and stability of the movement or pose while keeping it light and fun.

Nothing is more gratifying for her than to see her students succeed.

Janice Profile Pic.jpg

Janice Triffon

Burn It Up Instructor

Dance and baton twirling were a part of Janice’s life growing up. And today, she has a combined 25-years of Group fitness, Yoga and Sculpt teaching experience for both adults and children.

Janice encourages clients to challenge themselves while listening to their own bodies. It makes the dance moves more fun and enjoyable.

She likes to bring the inner dancing-child out in clients, meeting their class needs and helping them feel more energized than they did coming in.


Nicole Chen

Power Yoga Instructor

In 2013, Nicole started her yoga journey to help manage stress, and since then, yoga has become her daily practice. After 8+ years working in the health and fitness industry, Nicole pursued her yoga teacher training in Vancouver. 

She applies her training in vinyasa, hot yoga, and meditation to her daily practice and classes. Students will be guided through dynamic movements to build strength and flexibility with alignment-based cueing and some helpful touches.

Nicole offers her students a safe space to explore on their own all while challenging them to step out of their comfort zone. Her goal is to help students build physical strength, gain flexibility, and find more space in their mental state.


Shani Nakade

Boot Camp & Sculpt Instructor

I am an avid fitness professional that will give you 110% every class you participate in. I love to challenge myself to new heights and move my body!

I teach my students to grow strong and confident in a safe and fun environment, and I really love to move it with them! My specialty certifications include weightlifting, spin, and third age. My favourite classes to teach are the ones where my participants sweat.

An an avid runner, skiier, hiker, and rider, I truly enjoy playing sports of all kinds—especially those outdoors. Hope to see you soakin' wet with a smile on your face at my next class!