Our Founders


Liana Goes

Co-founder & Director of Fitness
Liana was born and raised in Fortaleza, Brazil, and moved to Vancouver in 2010. From the first moment she took hot yoga, she immediately fell in love as it reminded her of Brazil. She completed her Registered Yoga Alliance Training in 2011, and obtained her first of many certifications. She eventually found her calling in Hot Pilates, and has been teaching it for 7 years.  Incorporating her unique style with the power of music,  Liana brings the adrenaline to the room, helping her students connect deeply with the mind and soul. Influenced by Kundalini, Liana's classes are known to have a playful element as she encourages people to challenge themselves while having fun! She is dedicated to giving back to her community, as well as back home in Brazil. Liana is raising awareness through the collaboration with the Instituto dos Cegos (Institute for the Blind) in Fortaleza and her work with underprivileged families. Her mission is to use the tools of fitness to inspire sustainable conscious living.


Mina Nishigori

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer
Mina is an entrepreneur, who has been running her family owned business for over 20  years, and brings operational and business development experience. In addition to being the company's COO, she will be Burn365's brand ambassador for the visually impaired and people with disabilities, as Mina herself is blind. Diagnosed with a rare genetic eye disorder, she started losing her vision at the age of 28 and is now completely blind.  Dedicated to making a positive change, Mina is focused on collaborating with local Canadian and international charities to create awareness and funding to support causes. She is passionate about living out a mission to  help others see their potential and reach their goals.       


Simon Kwan

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Simon Kwan is currently  a principal in a privately owned real estate appraisal services firm.  Throughout his 14-year career as an appraiser and 5 years with Conviare, he has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and fostering strong relationships. Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Simon consistently ranks among the top in his industry. He also has an IT background, and was a former co-founder of a start up tech company for a number of years before trying his hand at Real Estate Appraisal. With over 20 years of combined business management, operational, and tech experience, makes Simon the perfect fit as Burn365 Fitness’s CEO.

Simon is most fulfilled when helping people to grow professionally. His vision and ability to nurture relationships leads to long-term solutions and success.